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Welcome to Daskit !!
With 15 years experience in the ebike industry, Das-Kit provides the ideal solution convert any standard bicycle into an
electric bike. Das-Kit focuses on unique patented design of its battery structure, smart BMS, well programmed display 
console, with a one cable system that includes quick release connectors for all components. Das-Kit will help you realize
the ebike dream and convert your bicycle into a high quality ebike within 15 minutes. Riding an ebike powered by Das-Kit 
is an unparalleled experience.
BB-Leisger International GmbH is an electric bicycle company based in Hanover Germany. BB-Leisger has its own 
manufacturing base located in Suzhou China.With over 15 years' experience focusing on R&D of ebikes, BB-LEISGER 
successfully developed its own E-system technology under the Das-kit brand. With the Das-kit E-system applied to BB-
Leisger's unique bicycle designs, BB-Leisger achieves the perfect combination of technology, power and superior design.
BB-Leisger can also offer its Das-Kit premium E-system to other bicycle manufactures.
Das-Kit test samples are available in Hanover Germany. Please contact us to make a reservation.